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In our 25 years of experience of providing residential and commercial garage door services, we have dealt with virtually every problem you can think of when it comes to garage doors. There are rare instances where we’ll be surprised with the root cause of a garage door problem, however most of the time, we can handle any issue our clients encounter with their garage door.

There may be some issues that you can fix yourself, however most garage door problems are best left in the hands of professionals. It can be helpful for you to know what these issues are so you won’t attempt to fix them, causing more damages than repairs. Here are some of the garage door problems you shouldn’t try fixing yourself:

1) Tracks that are Bent

Your garage door is able to make smooth movements by rolling up and down on the tracks, but if these tracks become bent or damaged, you’ll experience issues in operating your garage door, which may be hazardous to you, the people at your business or your family. Remember to contact an expert garage door technician to have this fixed- you’ll be satisfied by how quickly and efficiently a professional will be able to complete the job in a safe manner.

2) Replacing your Garage Door Panel

When you need to replace one or more of the outer panels of your garage door, it’s best to hire a professional technician to do the job. Keep in mind that a panel replacement is more than a simple cosmetic repair; there are many reasons why a professional would be a better option for the job. For one, it’s safer to opt for this choice. Aside from that, the technician will be able to identify the root cause of the problem, and additionally, will also be able to provide tips on how you can avoid encountering the same issue in the future.

3) Replacing the Garage Door Rollers

Most garage door owners encounter breaking or bending rollers. These components are constantly in motion whenever you open or close your door, but over time, they wear out and eventually need replacement. When you decide to replace your garage door rollers yourself, you might end up wasting a significant amount of time. You can avoid risking injuries when you hire a professional- an expert technician should be able to complete the job precisely and promptly.

4) Replacing the Springs

If the springs in your garage door get broken, the door might not be able to function like it used to. You might get frustrated if you try to fix this issue yourself, and if you don’t have the proper training and tools, may risk injuring yourself and the people around you. If you want to keep your family safe from accidents, it would be best to call a professional over.

5) Repairing Broken Cables

The cables in your garage door must be in good condition to ensure that it’s working safely and smoothly. These cables are always subjected under a lot of pressure coming from your heavy garage door, so if you don’t have the knowledge on handling this properly, repairs may be dangerous to attempt. You need a lot of expertise to be able to properly repair garage door cables, and that’s why it’s once again, best to contact a professional garage door repair technician to ensure that the issue is fixed safely.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garage Door Company

There are many benefits to choosing a professional garage door specialist over completing the repairs on your own. For one, they guarantee quality work, and professionals usually offer a warranty that covers a certain period of time after the completed repairs, giving you peace of mind.

At Professional Garage Door Services, we always promise absolute satisfaction to our customers. As such, we make sure that we spot all the issues your garage door might have. We will repair or replace faulty parts promptly and ensure that you will end up with a garage door in optimal condition.

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