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If you’re struggling to open or close your garage door, chances are your torsion springs need replacing. You might be tempted to complete these garage door spring repairs yourself and avoid calling professionals to save money, and whilst it’s true that there is a wealth of information online about how to complete the job, we still strongly advise against any of these things. Keep in mind that DIY garage door spring repairs can be incredibly dangerous if you aren’t a qualified garage door technician.

Garage door springs carry a significant amount of tension, and whenever you use the door, the tension enables it to be lowered or lifted. Eventually they give out, and sometimes this can happen while the door is being lowered which can come crashing or trapping anything or anyone in its path.

The Issue of Safety in DIY Garage Door Spring Repairs

Thousands of people become injured as a result of broken garage door springs and cables. Keep in mind that at an average, a garage door can weigh between 100 to 150 kgs. Just imagine how many serious injuries this could cause.

The reason why you shouldn’t opt for DIY garage door spring repairs is simple—you want to protect your family and loved ones. Worn-out springs are not the only possible cause behind your heavy garage door falling down- you can cause them to break when you use the wrong tools, and you might even cause more damage when you use the wrong size springs for your door.

When you mount incorrect springs to your garage door, you are putting too much tension on them, and therefore can wear them out at an accelerated rate. Consequently, they can unexpectedly break.

Important Things to Note about Extension Springs

There are two types of springs used for garage doors—torsion springs and tilt springs. Torsion springs sit just above the top frame of the door, whilst extension springs usually run along the door’s sides and by the upper door track. It is true that both types of springs contain tension, however it can be more hazardous to work with extension springs.

Even when the garage door is open, the extension springs still hold tension. The door can open properly by stretching or extending the extension springs. Such a mechanism creates extra tension in the springs.

Once the springs snap, they can quickly turn into dangerous projectiles. The spring Shrapnel can hit you in the head, face or body, inflicting serious harm. Snapping extension springs can also cause fatal injuries, especially when they inflict severe head damages or internal bleeding.

You might be able to remove the extension springs successfully, however you are still at risk for injuries if your door doesn’t have appropriate support and falls down on you. If your springs become worn out or damaged, it is always best to call for the emergency garage door repairs Perth residents trust.

Repairing or Replacing your Garage Door Springs is not as Easy as it Seems

For many, it seems easy to find the right springs for their garage door. They think that they can simply measure their own springs and head down to their local hardware store, and after finding springs that are a similar size to their own, go home and install them.

However, how sure are they that they’ve got the correct springs? They may have the same length, but maybe the diameters of the two springs are different? It’s possible that these springs would also have different strength and weight capacities.

It can be difficult to tell if you’ve got the right springs just by looking at them, even for professionals. However, when you turn to Professional Garage Door Services, you can trust that our team possess the tools and experience necessary to absolutely make certain that the springs that would be installed to your garage door are the right ones.

Most people who try to replace their springs on their own end up calling for professional help anyway once they discover that the job is harder than they expected. If you want to avoid wasting money and time, as well as getting injured, it would be best to hire professionals.

Why Choose Professionals for Garage Door Repairs

When garage door specialists visit your home, they will carefully assess your door and springs, determining how much damage they have sustained over the years. If they discover simple signs of deterioration, they might still recommend replacing both springs, which will effectively enhance the functionality of the door.

Our garage door professionals might also lubricate and replace other components connected to the springs and door. It is worth noting that nuts, bolts and screws can start to loosen up or rust from daily use. In the future, the condition of these pieces can determine how efficiently you can lift or lower your doors.

Some adjustments may be needed on your garage door as well. When extension springs lift doors, they tend to jerk, and this motion can throw the door off balance, causing the parts to wear out faster. So, if the specialist offers this service, you should take advantage of it.

Once the specialists have completed their work, you must monitor the condition of your garage door and springs. Watch out for squeaking, scrubbing or squealing sounds when you lift or lower the door, as these may indicate issues with your springs. Under no circumstances, please do not attempt to fix the door yourself.

Fast and Reliable Emergency Garage Door Repairs

When you need garage door spring repairs, do not hesitate to contact Professional Garage Door Services. We always place customer satisfaction as our topmost priority, so you can expect the highest quality workmanship when we work on your garage door.

Contact Professional Garage Door Services today to schedule an appointment!

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