Reliable Garage Door Repairs Fremantle Residents Always Choose

Professional Garage Door Servicing specialise in providing the garage door repairs Fremantle residents know and trust. We realise that just like your vehicle, your garage door requires regular maintenance. So, don’t wait for your garage door to stop functioning. Give us a call today to arrange your garage door servicing in Fremantle!

With years of constant use, your garage door suffers from wear and tear. A lack of servicing and maintenance is the most common problem when it comes to garage doors breaking down. However, when you have your door serviced by us yearly, you can prevent major failures, noisy doors and costly repairs.

Fremantle residents are realising how important it is to keep their garages in good working order. Doing so will ensure that all household belongings stored in their garage are kept safe and secure. More and more households these days rely on using their garages as storage sheds. As such, it makes sense to ensure that your garage door is adequately maintained and looked after.

Why Choose Professional Garage Door Servicing?

  • Fast, friendly, reliable service
  • Affordable
  • Honest advice
  • Carry a wide range of parts — minimising the time your door is broken
  • Will come at a time that’s convenient to you
  • Choose a small business and support your community

Professional Garage Door Services specialise in the garage door repairs Fremantle residents trust. We can fix any garage door problems including:

  • Faulty Motors
  • New Motors
  • Broken Springs
  • Broken Cables
  • Supply and Install Remotes
  • Panel Damage
  • Service and General Maintenancer 0411 287 440 (North).

We also repair or replace broken remote controls, broken springs, cables, hinges, motors, tracks, bearings, flashings, panels, and drive sprockets at Perth’s best prices.

For all maintenance issues and garage door repairs, Fremantle home owners can call the specialists. At Professional Garage Door Servicing, our professional staff provide services for all types of doors. Best of all, we offer repair, maintenance and spare parts at a competitive price. We recommend that your garage door undergoes servicing every 12 months to continue working at its best.

Car stuck in the garage? Need to get your door fixed in a hurry? Broken springs? Wheels out of the tracks? Call us now for emergency response and repair of your garage door. You can reach our friendly team for a quick consultation here at Professional Garage Door Servicing on 0417 970 011 (South) or 0411 287 440 (North).