Garage Door RepairsWhat to do when my garage door is breaking

Our garage doors play a vital role in our everyday lives; we utilise them several times a day in order to get our cars in and out of the garage. They provide our garages with protection against the elements, safeguard its contents, and also provide our homes will an increased aesthetic appeal. However, just like all things, they don’t last forever. When vital components such as your garage door springs break, it can cause a panic in your household, from making loud and disturbing noises to preventing you from getting to work on time by trapping your car in the garage.


When your garage door goes bust, it’s important to stay calm and take care to ensure that no injuries are caused to you or the people around you from attempting to handle the broken garage door yourself.


Here is what you should do when your garage door springs decide to fail on you:


Don’t Try to Lift the Door Yourself


It may be tempting to have yourself or a few family members help you to try and lift your door in an attempt to free your trapped cars from the garage, however we’d advise you to fight the urge to attempt to do this, as garage doors are extremely heavy and putting all that weight on the shoulders of one or even a few people can still cause some severe injuries.

garage doors opener
Don’t Spam the Opener


You may start getting frustrated and have the urge to repeatedly press your opener, hoping your garage door will eventually respond and become unstuck. Doing this however, will most likely only result in damage to your garage door opener, therefore we’d recommend putting the opener to the side if your door does not respond to it on the first couple of tries.


Never Attempt to Fix It Yourself


Whilst you may think you know what you’re doing, you most probably don’t possess the essential tools or experience needed to quickly and thoroughly resolve issues regarding your garage door. A garage door spring replacement typically requires specialised tools and techniques, as well as sufficient knowledge. Without these three things, you may end up only causing yourself injuries or worsening the condition of your garage door.  


Call an Expert


Whenever you experience issues with your garage door, it’s absolutely crucial to call an expert in to assist instead of attempting to fix it yourself. Garage door technicians have the necessary tools, experience and knowledge needed to resolve issues such as faulty garage door springs in a timely and professional manner, and whilst you may think you’re saving money and time by attempting to fix the door yourself, you may only end up making things worse and costing yourself more money later on.


call a professional for a garage door springs replacement
When in Need of a
Garage Door Springs Replacement, Turn to the Professionals


Here at Professional Garage Door Services, we’re Perth’s preferred experts to call when residents are in need of quality garage door spring repairs and other maintenance services. We deal with issues regarding both garage door extension springs and torsion springs, and provide emergency garage door repairs at competitive rates to ensure that no matter when or where an issue arises, you can have it resolved in a quick and efficient manner by our garage door experts, who always bring a wealth of knowledge and a friendly smile to whatever job they’re heading to.


So, whether you’re in need of replacements for garage door torsion springs, extensions springs, or any other garage door maintenance services, contact the experts at Professional Garage Door Services. Call us today and enjoy a FREE QUOTE!

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