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When you’re searching for the garage door experts Perth residents trust, you’ll be glad you found us. At Professional Garage Door Services, we take pride in being a garage door company that specialises in providing premium quality repairs, maintenance and installation services. You can turn to us 24/7, and expect friendly and efficient service.

We specialise in emergency garage door repairs and maintenance. Trust that we’ve got you covered, no matter what brand, style or type of garage door you have. Give us a call when you need help on the following issues:

  • Garage door is out of tracks
  • Garage door won’t move or stuck in a position
  • Unresponsive garage door motors
  • Issues with remotes or getting extra remotes
  • Garage doors with their own mind – opening and closing on their own
  • Broken torsion springs
  • Broken cables

Highly Rated Garage Door Expert in Perth

When you search for garage door technicians in Western Australia, you will discover that you have plenty of options available to you. However, we can confidently say that none of these companies can match the level of service and quality we can provide. When it comes to emergency garage door repairs, maintenance and installation services, we are your top choice.

There is a reason why we chose the word ‘Professional’ for our brand; for us, this means that we only follow the highest standards for quality servicing whenever we repair, replace or maintain any garage door. We are a family run and owned company who are knowledgeable in handling all types and brands of garage doors. Trust that no matter how small or big the project is, we will always bring our decades worth of expertise in addressing your garage door concerns.

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Whether you need a garage door serviced or you urgently need repairs, call Professional Garage Door Services at 0411287440 or 0417970011!